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Thank you for visiting North East Police K-9 Academy, llc.

We are here to serve your needs and requirements for a successful program for your agency. Your thoughts and questions are always welcome.

We have had many successful K-9 teams graduate from our academy. These teams have had great success in deterring criminal activity, apprehending suspects and removing illegal contraband from their communities.

Our standards are set high. We do not mass produce & quality always comes first at our training facility. We choose the best dogs we can find and offer a full guarantee on the animal and the training.

We are here to serve you and make your K-9 program a complete success.

Paul Price
Owner, trainer
Northeast police k-9 academy llc.

Training Curriculum

Basic training starts with six (6) consecutive weeks with a two(2) week window for additional instruction.

From experience, we have found that this is adequate time to develop a solid working foundation for teams. Plus it will often fit with department scheduling abilities.

Daily class begins at 0830 with a brief exercise session for dog and handler teams.

Handlers are instructed on day one of all the rules and regulations pertaining to conduct while in training.

Classroom instruction is done daily through multi-media methods and each handler will accumulate a training manual. Academics play a substantial roll in the training course and each student is required to participate in classroom and pass applicable tests designed to reinforce the instruction.

Fields and hands on training make up fpr the remainder of the instruction time.

Regular training days are complete by approx. 1600 hrs. Depending on the number of teams in class. Class sizes are from one to six teams.

Additional training times are scheduled as necessary, le: night training

Training takes place at our facility and is also moved to various locations for stimulation of various enviornments needed for preparation of teams.

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